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JANUARY 22, 2023 - Tommy Bolton was recently asked to help the University of Oklahoma’s Sooner Racing Team in their work to build the latest version of their Formula SAE race car.

Championship racer and engine tuner Tommy Bolton will be providing advice to the OU Sooner Racing Team as they transition their Formula SEA car a four-cylinder motorcycle engine for the 2023 season.

The new Sooner Racing Team SEA car uses a 600cc motorcycle engine for power. After searching the Internet, the Sooner Racing Team discovered world-renowned motorcycle engine tuner Tommy Bolton lived and worked just a few miles north of their OU campus on Interstate 35. Tommy has been building high-performance championship-winning motorcycle racing engines for over four decades.

The Sooner Race Team invited Tommy to the OU Campus to visit their race shop to provide advice on tuning their recently-acquired four-cylinder motorcycle engine for use in their Formula SAE race car. Tommy visited their campus garage and was impressed by the expertise and tools and commitment to excellence. “These guys and gals are real engineers,” said Tommy. “I think it will be a good relationship. They have a lot of computer engineering background and I have a lot of real-world racing experience.”

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