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Custom Baggers

Tombo's success on the racetrack has continued in the world of custom baggers. He starts his builds TIG welding frames, and the possibilities thereafter are endless. Tombo Baggers have won numerous awards for their style and originality. You're guaranteed to turn heads riding a Tombo Bagger. 

Tombo Standing next to custom motorcycle frames
Tombo building motorcycle frame
custom frame for a bagger
custom frame for a dragbike
Tombo custom build bagger
Tombo sitting on custom bagger
Tombo Build custom bagger
Tombo riding Custom bagger

Tombo specializes in crafting big wheel bagger motorcycles in sizes 23, 26, 30, and 32 inches. Unique to our process, there's no need to rake trees, although we can incorporate them if desired. Each of our frames is meticulously TIG welded in a fixture, ensuring they are more robust than traditional stock frames. Clients have the flexibility to customize their motorcycle with options such as single-curved or dual-curved downtubes. Moreover, every motorcycle comes with a unique 17-digit VIN number provided by Tombo Racing, accompanied by an MSO. For those who prefer, we also offer the option to retain your original stock number in its stock location. 

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