• Aaron Vaughan’s Ultrastreet Hayabusa

    Aaron Vaughan’s Gen1 normally aspirated Hayabusa with Tombo Racing motor runs 8.86 seconds at 157 mph at Tulsa Raceway Park.

    Aaron Vaughan’s Ultrastreet Hayabusa
  • Adrian Lottie – Money Bike

    If you see a green Hayabusa with Benjamin Franklin painted on the side, you know Adrian Lottie is on his Tombo Racing built turbocharged “Money Bike”. And you probably don’t want to challenge him to a drag race.

    Adrian Lottie – Money Bike
  • Tombo Racing in Bricktown

    The crew at Tombo Racing doesn’t work ALL the time. They recently took a break in the downtown Oklahoma City night spot known as Bricktown. The weather was relatively warm after a cold winter, so time to get the bikes out and cruise the strip. As usual, lots of folks stopped by to admire the… Continue Reading…

    Tombo Racing in Bricktown
  • Luther’s ‘Busa

    As the Navy's top long distance marksman and commander of an elite Navy “extraction team” , Luther Lauderdale likes to blend in yet have the ability to open a big can of whoopass on the bad guys when necessary. His secret missions require him and his team to travel to far away, often hostile countries… Continue Reading…

    Luther’s ‘Busa



Tagg Team Back again

Yes sir they are bringing the noise in 2014 with they’re Pro Mods ,Grudge pro street mods as well it’s on and poppin Race Fans.

Tommy Bolton interviews OKC Motorcycle Show Jeff Williams

OKC Motorcycle Show’s Jeff Williams

Tommy interviews OKC Motorcycle Show founder Jeff Williams about this year’s show at the Oklahoma City fairgrounds. Now in its 17th year, this years show has seen a much larger turnout than in the past. In addition to cool vintage and custom motorcycles, Jeff has also brought in a wide range of custom muscle cars […]

Twin engine Kawasaki street bike

Twin Engine Kawasaki street bike

Tommy interviews Racing Innovations Sam Wills, a long time friend and drag racing competitor, about a twin engine Kawasaki his company built for a client. Inspired by the twin engine drag bikes of the 1970’s, this custom Kawasaki is expected to put out around 300 horsepower and is street legal.

This guy holds a land speed record and is tuning his Vincent for even more power.

185 Horsepower Vincent Black Shadow

We love horsepower. Normally Tommy and the crew are hopping up Hayabusa or Kawasaki motors, boosting them with nitrous and turbochargers, melting the racetrack and setting speed records. In their spare time they like to hop up Harley and metric V-Twin’s. But speed is speed and horsepower is horsepower and we love how these old […]

JB is the new shop manager for Tombo Racing.  Call him for a quote or to have your bike looked at.

New Shop Mgr J.B.

Welcome to JB, our new shop manager here at Tombo Racing. He helps keep Tommy heads down on bike work so you can get your bike serviced and out the door faster. Give JB a call for a quote or to schedule your bike for service.

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