Paul “Fast” Gast

Once again Tommy interviews a famous drag racer, engine builder and all around good guy – Paul “Fast” Gast. Tommy and Paul go back to their days of racing NHRA. Paul now supports Ashley Owens on his Pro Mod bike, one of the dominate racers of 2010.

Web Cam

Web Cam has been a long time sponsor and support of Tombo Racing. Based in California, Web Cam is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of racing cams for motorcycle and automobile engines. At the 2011 Indianapolis Dealer Expo, Tommy had an opportunity to visit with the fun folks from Web Cam.

Rickey “Hot Rod” Gadson

Tommy Bolton and Rickey Gadson, drag racer and corporate spokesman for Kawasaki, go way back – all the way to Tommy’s days in Los Angeles as “The King of the Street”. In this interview, Ricky tells us a bit about the old days and how he used to look up to Tommy as the guy […]

2010 NHRA Pro Stock Champion LE Tonglet

Our recent trip to the 2011 Indianapolis Dealer Expo was a change for Tommy Bolton to connect with old racing friends from “back in the day”. In this short interview, Tommy talks to the next generation, 2010 NHRA Pro Stock Champion LE Tonglet and his father Gary. Tommy and Gary used to race against each […]

Brothers of the Bike

Here is a really cool video about motorcycle brotherhood. Thought some of our readers would enjoy it.

Competition Valve Job Explained

Ever wonder why one engine makes noticeably more power than a seemingly identical engine? The difference is often in the head. Not your head, in the engine head. A motorcycle motor (or most any reciprocal combustion motor) is basically an air pump. The more air you can move through the motor, the more fuel you […]

Tombo Racing at Indianapolis Dealer Trade Show

Tombo Racing will be at the Indianapolis dealer trade show on February 17-20 to look at all the new products available for sport and race bikes, and discuss our racing and marketing plans for 2011. We are working on our 2011 print catalog and hope to have it available soon after the show. Ricky Gadson […]

Tombo Racing Soul Power video

This cool video was produced a few years ago by Tim Hailey from and shows Tommy Bolton and Glen Nickleberry at the drag races in St. Louis and Atlanta in 2005, running a turbo/nitrous Kawasaki in the 6.6 second range in the quarter mile. Tommy gets a bit excited when they win yet another […]

Hayabusa motor rebuild Part 3

In this video Tommy shows us how he installs the pistons, base gasket and the block of a 2008 Suzuki GSXR-1300 Hayabusa. As Tommy says, sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy! treatment nasal polyps > zp8497586rq

Hayabusa Engine Rebuild Part 2

In this second of 4 videos, Tommy Bolton explains the prep work done on Tombo Racing S&S (Street & Strip) motor during a rebuild. All the parts have been sent off for rebuilding and Tommy prepares the pistons, gaps the rings, and explains how the head was flow benched and the cams were welded and […]