Glen Nickleberry at Thunder Valley

Nickleberry dominates PMRA Pro Open class in 2010

After a development year in 2009, Tombo Racing rider Glen Nickleberry, along with crew chief Tommy Bolton, dominated the 2010 PMRA Pro Open class in 2010. Winning 7 out of 9 races in the top class, this year saw Nickleberry consistently turning quarter mile times in the high 6 second range. “In the past we […]

Tombo Racing makes it to finals again!

Once again Tombo Racing's Tim Howard made his way to the finals of the Midwest Streetbike races at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, OK on July 24. For the race Tim Howard qualified in the #2 spot with a new mile per hour record of 175.67 mph with an ET of 8.22. Conditions at […]

Tombo Racing dominates PMRA Pro Open Class in first half of 2010

After a developmental season in 2009 that saw Tommy Bolton perform a major redesign of the chassis and engine on Glen Nickleberry’s funnybike, 2010 has started with a bang for the nationally famous pair. After a runner-up finish at the first PMRA race of the season, followed by a win in Tulsa, the Penn Jewelers […]

Tombo Racing Outlaw Bike

How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back Tommy Bolton is at it again, this time producing a bike that not only looks good, but that rips up the racetrack in a cloud of smoking rubber. Tombo Racing's new Outlaw bike is designed to run in the Pro Street class. This pavement wrinkling rocketship started life as […]

Little Nick

Little Glen Nickleberry is part of the Tombo Racing crew, working on his dad Glen’s six second rocketship. Of course Tommy couldn’t have little Nick running around on just a plain old mini-bike. So he built this custom drag-mini so little Nick could fit right in with his dad’s ultra-quick Kawasaki. Naturally, Tommy stepped on […]

Tim Howard's Hayabusa

Some bike builders are great at adding fancy chrome, extended swingarms, and bright lights. While Tommy Bolton is able to do all that, he does what many other builders cannot do – make a bike go lighting fast at the drag strip. Working with local rider Tim Howard, Tommy has built a Hayabusa that regularly […]

Glen Nickleberry

Tommy Bolton began building bikes for Glen Nickleberry in 1996.  Since that time they have won hundreds of professional races and regularly clock times in the six second range. Glen was the second black African American to surpass 200 mph in the quarter mile and the first to surpass 210 mph. Glen was also the […]