Tombo’s hater’s make us famous t-shirts

Just in – Tombo Hater’s make us famous T-shirts. This is a fun take on some of our detractors over the years. Luckily we have a lot more fans than “haters.” Stand out at the track or the street with these high quality cotton shirts. Only $10 each. Call to order. Short sleeves only  colors […]

Aaron Vaughan’s Ultrastreet Hayabusa

Aaron Vaughan’s Gen1 normally aspirated Hayabusa with Tombo Racing motor runs 8.86 seconds at 157 mph at Tulsa Raceway Park.

Adrian Lottie – Money Bike

If you see a green Hayabusa with Benjamin Franklin painted on the side, you know Adrian Lottie is on his Tombo Racing built turbocharged “Money Bike”. And you probably don’t want to challenge him to a drag race.

Tim Howard burning up the time sheets

Tombo Racing’s own Tim Howard recently ran a 8.066 at 166.46 mph at Tulsa Raceway during the PMRA motorcycle drag races.

All new Tombo Bars for Kawasaki V-Twins

Tombo Racing now offers extended handlebars for Kawasaki Vaquero’s and Vulcan’s. Check them out.

Another one of those “Back in the day” TomBo Things! Flashback to 1985

Hot Bike Magazine featured a hot chick on the cover of their January 1985 edition, plus Tommy Bolton’s Suzuki Super Streeters motorcycles. Back then Tommy owned 31 motorcycles, a variety of personal watercraft, and traveled to races in a big rig. He was then known as the “King of Cali”. Hot Bike December 1985 PDF […]

Yet Another “Back in the day” TomBo Things! Flashback to 1986

Tommy Bolton has been racing and building championship level drag and street bikes long before most of us started riding. Because of his winning record, he has regularly been in the press. A GS1100e Suzuki built by Tommy was featured in the January 1986 edition of Hot Bike Magazine. Tommy originally built the bike for […]

Tombo Racing now offers Vance & Hines Billet Crankshafts

Tombo Racing has teamed with Vance & Hines Racing to offer a Pro Stock/Pro Mod Suzuki crankshaft. Addressing the void of a Pro Stock Suzuki crankshaft fit to withstand the punishment of the 1/4 mile, Tombo Racing and Vance and Hines proudly announces the PSM Billet Crankshaft (part# 33-9113) by Vance & Hines Racing. Tombo Racing is one of the few performance oriented engine builders offering this high performance crankshaft.

Nickleberry testing Funny Bike

This year Tombo Racing and Glen Nickleberry are only running a partial funnybike schedule as they prepare for the 2013 season debut of Glen's new Pro Mod bike. In development now, this new Tombo Racing Pro Mod bike will be based on a Suzuki Hayabusa motor, but highly modified with nitrous, a turbo charger, wheelie […]

Howard Takes Third at PMRA Superstreet

At PMRA May 19 race in Noble, Tim Howard took third place at the Ajax Kawasaki sponsored class. The Superstreet class is designed for primarily street legal bikes and is a 9.50 index class. Tim and Tommy use this class to install and test customer motors into Tombo Racing's Hayabusa test mule bike. Customers get […]