Yamaha Roadliner

Yamaha Roadliner

While Tommy Bolton builds primarily street and track rockets out of bikes like the Hayabusa, ZX-14 and GSXR-1000, occasionally a customer will want him to transform their Harley or cruiser into a rolling piece of artwork with a motor that has received the “Tombo Touch”. Tommy resurrected this Yamaha R

oadliner from the ruins of Hurricane Katrina and transformed it into a beautiful-designed road rocket. He lowered the bike, massaged the engine, lightened the bike, added a custom 2Brothers paint job, and transformed this overweight, underpowered behemoth into a stylish power cruiser with plenty of go.

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  1. Randy Seidling July 4, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Love the blackened out front end on this bike. It looks great!!!

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