Sport Bikes

Tombo Racing builds street bikes that go as good as they look. Anyone can install a big wheel kit and a custom paint job. But not every bike builder can massage the motor like master engine builder Tommy Bolton. As a long time NHRA and ProStar drag racer and engine tuner, Tommy knows how to get the most performance out of a motorcycle engine. It is much more than slapping in some oversized pistons and porting the head.

He takes the same care when putting together your motorcycle. His understated, elegant style is called “The Tombo Touch”. As the winner of many bike building awards, Tommy knows how to make your bike shine and stand out from the crowd. Whether you need a custom paint job, a turbo or nitrous system, an extended swingarm, lowering kit, engine lighting or any other accessory, Tommy can bring it to together in a stylish package that will make you proud to show up at your local bike night – or the drag strip.


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