185 Horsepower Vincent Black Shadow

We love horsepower. Normally Tommy and the crew are hopping up Hayabusa or Kawasaki motors, boosting them with nitrous and turbochargers, melting the racetrack and setting speed records. In their spare time they like to hop up Harley and metric V-Twin’s. But speed is speed and horsepower is horsepower and we love how these old Brit guys milked 185 horsepower out of an old Vincent motor. That doesn’t sound like a lot compared to our 400+ horsepower funnybike, but when you consider the Vincent was last made in 1955 and the Black Shadow came out right after WWII in 1948, and it WAS made in Britain where engine tolerances are “suggestions”, well, we think 185 ponies out of one of these old motors is just pretty darn cool.

We like this video. No fancy graphics. No girls. Just some badd-ass old British dudes who hold a land speed record and dream of more horsepower – just like everyone here at Tombo Racing. Watch and enjoy.


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